Care Guide

Stainless Steel Jewels
Stainless steel jewels can have great durability, as long as they are handled and cared for correctly. Our steel pieces have an 18K gold plating that offers excellent durability. With proper care your Jasmim pieces will retain their original appearance.

The natural color of steel is silver, while gold is a gold bath that the pieces take, just like silver. In order for the gold to last for a long time, some care must be taken:

  • Avoid contact with abrasive products: perfumes, sunscreens, makeup, creams, detergents and / or other products that may contain chemicals;
  • Remove the pieces (mainly rings) when applying disinfectant alcohol or when using rubber / latex gloves that can damage the pieces bath;
  • Although steel is a resistant material, it must be packed in small bags or boxes separately from other articles to avoid friction;
  • Avoid using items during physical exercise;
  • Avoid contact with salt water and chlorine which can also damage the pieces bath.


Silver 925 Jewels
Silver 925 is the most valued in high jewelery and indicates that the metal alloy is made up of 92.5% pure silver. The silver pieces feature rhodium baths and 18K gold baths, in the case of gold pieces.

The appearance of stains is a natural process in silver as a result of oxidation. In the summer, the silver pieces are more quickly stained due to the acidity of the perspiration and the humidity in the air. However it is possible to keep your sterling silver pieces shiny and lustrous, for this we recommend the following:  

  • Regularly clean silver pieces with a silver cleaning cloth;
  • Wash the silver pieces under running water to keep them clean, dry immediately to prevent them from getting stains;
  • Remove the pieces (mainly rings) when applying disinfectant alcohol or when using rubber / latex gloves that can damage the pieces bath;
  • Do not use the pieces in the sea or in swimming pools, as both salt and chlorine are harmful to silver. In fact, salt water speeds up the oxidation process and leaves your jewelry stained and dark, in addition to damaging the pieces' bath;
  • Do not store the pieces in a jewelry box, in a closed cabinet or in a small bag, as the damp and closed environments are conducive to darkening and tarnishing silver pieces. Therefore, silver pieces should not be kept in drawers, velvet or metal boxes. The ideal is to store them separately in the original boxes, in paper bags or even wrapped in paper towels;
  • Do not store several jewels in a single bag because excessive movement can cause them to be marked or damage other elements or stones;
  • Store your pieces away from chemicals (including household cleaning products and cosmetics);
  • Clean the jewelry then used before being stored, as the perspiration and PH of the skin, as well as the use of cosmetics (which have alcohol in their composition) can alter the original characteristics of silver.